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Nearly 50% of US adults suffer from obesity, and over 59 conditions are linked to obesity. Obesity costs the US $190B annually, and obesity projected to reach 42% by 2030

Faith Medical Spa & Weight loss offers a comprehensive protocol, including behavioral interventions for weight management, and provides a series of skills to help people lose weight and maintain weight loss. Our interventions can address diet, physical activity, stress, and sleep. Examples include self-monitoring, goal setting, problem-solving assistance, social support, and relapse prevention. High-intensity programs, defined as 14 or more sessions over six months, are the most effective. These comprehensive programs provide the tools and support needed to achieve lasting behavioral change and improved well-being. Weight loss will help reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels, diabetes incidence, and weight outcomes.

Faith Medical Spa and Weight Loss customize plans to achieve your goals of Losing weight without compromising your health. Follow a personalized healthy diet and routine tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle. We are implementing the CMWL program for weight loss by combining diet, exercise, and cognitive strategies, either alone or in combination with pharmacologic intervention, including Semaglutide.

Whether you’re seeking non-surgical fat reduction services or metabolism-stimulating therapy, we have the effective weight loss solutions you seek. Our experts will guide you in shedding unwanted pounds safely and effectively. We prioritize your health while helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Faith Medical Spa & Weight loss implements biometric impedance to measure body fat % and water % because it is accurate, easy to use, and convenient for patient measurements that strengthen the sense of weight loss and add value to the program. It provides the patient and provider with more information than just weight.

Faith Medical Spa & Weight loss approach is designed not on the help patients lose weight, but also to develop skills and habits necessary to manage their weight successfully in the long-term.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates:

  • Food and nutrition, including high-nutrient meal replacement
  • Exercise and activity
  • Pharmacologic intervention
  • Behavioral and motivational counseling
  • Studies showed the efficacy of meal replacement for weight loss, resulting and encouraged her weight loss rather than a self-selected diet composed of regular food.

Faith Medical Spa & Weight loss nutrition plans include:

  • Quick Start Program: This entitles an 800–1200 low-calorie diet designed for rapid and safe weight loss composed mostly of liquid shakes, soups, protein bars, and crisps in a prepackaged form, making it easy to monitor the calories.
  • Modified Transitional: Meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, and snack with patient preparing there on 550 kcal dinner–generally 1100-1500 cal total. This option helps transition patients’s mostly from a quick start to regular food, and can also be prescribed initially for some patients when indicated.
  • Ease–in: Patients who are not ready for partial knee replacement can ease into the program by incorporating a modest part of the nutritional plan.
  • Maintenance: Patients who have reached their weight goal will learn how to maintain their weight loss in the long-term–by making smart food choices, through the occasional use of meal replacement to keep on track, exercising more, and sustaining motivation

Faith Medical Spa & Weight loss Behavioral Counseling categories include:

  • Managing your medical conditions
  • Mastering your mind
  • Sustaining motivation
  • Keeping active
  • Building healthy eating habits
  • Eating wisely away from home
  • Managing emotional eating
  • Understanding health and weight loss
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